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  • Resveratrol Side Effects- Does It Really Have Any?

    Resveratrol is suddenly in the spotlight after the CBS 60 minutes program was aired, telling us how this amazing nutrient could reverse the aging process among others. But what about the resveratrol side effects?

    resveratrol grapeTo date there is no evidence of any ill effects. As one source of it comes from red wine, perhaps you could classify getting intoxicated and sleepy, as possible resveratrol side effects!

    So you could say it depends on the sources. Red wine has resveratrol in it as grape skins are one of the largest providers. Similarly, blueberries and peanuts contain some as well, and we are well aware of all the nut allergies around.

    The largest concentration can be found in the Japanese Knotweed plant, and this is where the high quality extracts come from.

    Most experts today agree that resveratrol is most effective when it is taken as part of a multi health supplement, so you benefit from the interaction of it with all the other nutrients and vitamins. This is called synergy.

    When selecting a product make sure it contains trans- resveratrol rather than the cis type as trans is the more active form, and will give you increased benefits, and it should contain at least 20mg. There are no resveratrol side effects when taken in a supplement as the dosage is controlled.

    You would have to drink well over a liter of the right red wine a day to get a similar kind of benefit, which would not be healthy, so that’s why the most popular form is a supplement.

    It really is important that we are able to get the benefits of this nutrient without having to worry about any adverse side effects. It is also showing to be a major player in the fight against many types of cancer, diabetes and even protecting us against heart disease.

    I hope that this article has put your mind at rest that there are no resveratrol side effects, only real health benefits to be had, and the potential when combined with other synergetic nutrients, to help you live a longer and healthier life.

    If you would like to learn more about the synergistic products which I personally take, including resveratrol, why not visit my website.

    By: Ric Hawkins

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    Ric Hawkins is a dedicated researcher of nutrition, diet and healthy living. Take a moment to visit his site now at www.natural-supplements-site.info/ and discover the very latest and effective nutritional supplements Ric recommends after extensive research.

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